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In the full workshop you will get:

  • Training for theory and practice. We train people how to use business tools—and more importantly, how to use them in practice. Whether online or in-person expect time for breakout sessions and group activities to practice
  • Expert coach with a passion for professional growth. CLD coach Laura Porreca is an authority on communication in leadership. Her goal is to show you the peace of mind and business growth you deserve!
  • Improved employee retention. You must give your employees the tools to grow with your organization. CLD will help you develop good employees into great ones after the workshop with post-class reinforcement materials such as videos, e-books, activity guides, and more

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    • "I had the pleasure of completing an online training class 'Effective Leadership Through Coaching' through [CLD powered by] New Horizons hosted by an amazing online trainer Brian Salk. My biggest "ah ha" moment was reviewing and understanding the gap between training content, the trainee's understanding of the content in a controlled environment, then further the trainee's understanding in real life to a level that they can effectively apply said training. Patience can easily be lost in this portion of the fast paced day to day. My new insight is certainly helping me navigate these challenges a little more strategically and shocker...effectively!"


      Michelle Martin | Plant Manager | Waste Management

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